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The Diocese of Maridi

The Diocese of Maridi is located in Western Equatoria within the newly created state of Maridi. Like many other areas in South Sudan, the Diocese has been greatly affected by the ongoing conflict in the country. There is constant displacement of people, destruction of means of livelihoods and community settlement area and villages. For example, in August 2017, at Amaki payam eight miles north of Maridi town, people from the whole area were displaced into the town since their food had been looted and destroyed, leaving the people vulnerable.  

It was of great joy and thanks that the Diocese received a donation of $US1,718 from the SCA via the ACROSS office. With this money, the Diocese was able to purchase 100 basins of maize and distribute to 50 of the most affected families. Each family received two basins of maize corn. The Diocese was also able to buy a one-way ticket from Maridi to Kampala for a stranded university student to return for his studies. 

This fund was used as follows:  

  1. Purchasing 100 basins of maize corn $1,000  
  2. Administration and transportation $200  
  3. Transporting one student to Uganda $300  
  4. Diocesan Administration (fuel and stationery) $200  
  5. Bank charges $18  

Total expenditure $1,718  

We very much appreciate this effort and commitment to support the Church in South Sudan in her ministry at such a critical moment in the country.  

The Diocese of Mundri

The Administration of the Diocese of Mundri is appalled by the conflict and dire humanitarian situation in South Sudan in general and the Diocese of Mundri, Amadi State in particular. Subsequently, our main priorities in the Diocese for the next six months are:  

  1. Promote peace in a variety of ways in the community. Be it through teaching, preaching, advocacy etc.  
  2. Solicit for funds for provision of relief aid to the most vulnerable, though everyone is vulnerable!  
  3. Encourage trauma healing process in the community.  

Generally local contribution from the Christians has been enormously affected with the ongoing socioeconomic challenges. SCA personal support is badly needed and welcome. The needy members of the church and the community often consult the Bishop for the basic needs of life. The support from SCA helps the Bishop to assist some of those who are most vulnerable in the society. Also, it helped him pay rent and school fees for his displaced family and children in Kampala, and helped him buy food for himself and those in his care. 


The Diocese of Torit

Money donated by the SCA through ACROSS has been used in The Episcopal Internal Province of Eastern Equatoria to make a distribution of food aid. The pressing need that was identified in Torit was hunger which forced many people to flee the town. Those who have been displaced in the town and those who decided to die in Torit have been affected by famine which claimed some lives. Many live on fruits and vegetables. People have flcoked into the church compound to seek for assistance with the supply of food.

The Diocese of Wonduruba

On behalf of the Displaced Diocese of Wonduruba, kindly accept our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for the support of 1,718 USA Dollars donated by the Sudan Church Association through ACROSS to the Displaced Bishop of Wonduruba Diocese.  

The received fund was converted into SSP314,600 South Sudanese Pounds. Thus, the expenditures are tallied as follows:  

  1. Eight (8) most vulnerable IDPs received ….. 16,000SSP 
  2. The nineteen (19) displaced pastors received each 2,000 SSP = 38,000 SSP  
  3. The twenty-six (26) displaced lay-readers received each 1,500 SSP = 39,000 SSP  
  4. The eighteen (18) displaced women workers with badges received each 1 ,000 SSP = 18,000 SSP  
  5. Bishop’s up-keep 15,500 SSP  
  6. Payment for three (3) students from the diocese of Wonduruba at Bishop Gwynne College for one whole year @ 12,000 with receipt attached 36,000 SSP  
  7. Diocesan vehicle maintenance received 95,500 SSP  
  8. Cost of purchasing second hand HP-Printer for Bishop’s office 56,600 SSP  

The grand total expenditure is 314,600 SSP