Prayer Points

Prayer Points.

A major part of SCA’s ministry is the flow of information from the churches in South Sudan and Sudan to SCA’s prayer supporters.

This information sharing is achieved through the SCA committee, the SCA Review and our website. 

Please pray for South Sudan and Sudan’s current prayer needs. We know that as we pray in faith our prayers have a huge impact! 


23/12/18 Pray for the Diocese of Khartoum, for Archbishop Ezekiel and Christians throughout Sudan as they celebrate Christmas – no public holiday, none of the traditions and commercial accretions we have grown used to and risk being swamped by,  but the joy of the Word made flesh and dwelling among us.

30/12/2018 Pray for the Diocese of El Obeid and for Bishop Ismail. Pray that the shops they have established continue to prosper, providing service for the community and generating income which will allow some payment to pastors early next year. Pray that they will be able to fulfil their plans to extend and improve schools in the region.


6/1/19 Early last month the Sudanese bishops and their wives met in Khartoum with Archbishop Mouneer (Primate of the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East). The Archbishop was leading sessions on developing leadership. Pray that this has been a time of inspiration and encouragement and will be of lasting benefit to the Province of Sudan.

13/1/19 Pray for the people of Sudan and particularly Christians who are among the poorest, as inflation leads to price rises for basic commodities.

20/1/19 Pray for Mothers’ Union members and other Christian women who visit women in prison and for families suffering extra hardship when a mother or father is in prison and it may be difficult to get news.

27/1/19 A recent visitor to Sudan from the Diocese of Leeds wrote, “The value of a link is to take us outside our boundaries and feel the deep things of life afresh. The problem always is to translate these things back into daily living, so they are truly transforming.” Pray that more may experience such value, whether through the direct experience of visits or through learning, caring and praying about the lives of partners.