Prayer Points

Prayer Points.

A major part of SCA’s ministry is the flow of information from the churches in South Sudan and Sudan to SCA’s prayer supporters.

This information sharing is achieved through the SCA committee, the SCA Review and our website. 

Please pray for South Sudan and Sudan’s current prayer needs. We know that as we pray in faith our prayers have a huge impact! 

APRIL  2019

7/4/19 As anti-government protests continue in Khartoum and spread to other areas, pray for the safety of peaceful demonstrators and particularly that Christian young people do not get drawn into violent situations. 

14/4/19 Pray for the Diocese of El Obeid. This is a huge area which includes those parts of North and West Darfur where there have been recent attacks on displaced people struggling to survive in the camps, with reports of killings, robberies and abductions. Pray for Bishop Ismail and his handful of Christian workers as they do their best to support the Christian community and to offer help to those who come to them in need.

21/4/19 Pray for ordinary Sudanese people facing low incomes, rising prices and fuel shortage. Pray for Sudanese Christians as they celebrate Easter with their real wealth of faith and joy, and for church leaders struggling to keep the church running financially with no reserves to help them in a worsening economic situation.

28/4/19 Pray for Christian schools and that through our link we may be able to help with building costs, teaching materials and teachers’ salaries. Many Christian families have very limited incomes and can contribute little to support their children’s education and it is from foundations laid today that future church leaders will arise.