Prayer Points

Prayer Points.

A major part of CASSS’s ministry is the flow of information from the churches in South Sudan and Sudan to CASSS’s prayer supporters.

This information sharing is achieved through the CASSS committee, the Sudan Church Review and our website. 

Please pray for South Sudan and Sudan’s current prayer needs. We know that as we pray in faith our prayers have a huge impact! 

JULY  2019

Political upheavals and regime changes in distant lands tend to fall out of UK news headlines rather quickly but sources of information can help us to keep up to date and direct our prayers as we learn of needs.

7/7/19 Continue to pray for those concerned with developing an acceptable system of government for Sudan. Pray particularly for Sudanese civilians who hope to serve the country but have had little opportunity to experience the realities of holding office. Pray that the present military leaders will be willing to negotiate with them. Pray for patience on all sides so that there may be a good and sustainable outcome.

14/7/19 Pray for an end to brutal response to peaceful protest and that those who hold power at this time are willing and able to control those acting in their name.

21/7/19 Pray for leaders of the Episcopal Church in Sudan, for Archbishop Ezekiel, the bishops and clergy at this difficult time as they continue to support their people and bring Christ’s message of hope and love.

‘God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.’

28/7/19 As we learn of needs in all the dioceses in Sudan pray for the Leeds-Sudan group as they decide on priorities and  pray that more of their congregations will respond generously to make more help possible.